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Heritage Radio Network
gefördert durch das EU Programm INTERREG IIIB CADSES

2004 bis 2006


"Cultural heritage in progress - from local identities to a European understanding of common cultural heritages"

Heritage Radio Network is an association of cultural journalists and editors forming a South-Eastern- and Central-European network of radio-stations.

HRN is a trans-national platform dedicated to web-based cultural journalism with impetus to use Internet-Radio to further the European debate about cultural heritage. Working in mixed media formats and cross-border collaborations HRN seeks to be innovative in cultural journalism.

The offered categories correspond to diverse angles on cultural heritages and what it means to us today:

  • HRN Magazine - emphasizes on a specific European topic from a cross-border perspective with contributions from all participating journalists. Dedicated broadcast versions are aired regularly on the Voice of Croatia.
  • Cultural Calendar - informs on current events, meetings and discussions in the cultural field.
  • Arts & Artists - gives an account of different festivals, exhibitions and other artistic events and artists.
  • Debates & Networking - refers to meetings and forums expressing recent debates on cultural heritages.
  • Heritage & Memory - introduces local examples of cultural heritages into a broader context.
  • Reflections - comments on current cultural affairs in Europe, their development and controversies.
  • HRN music-stream - is compiled from specific music genres that originate from South-East and Central Europe. The main focus is aimed at a wide rotation and true diversity beyond mainstream pop-music.

HRN is online since Nov. 16th 2004, current partners are: Bulgarian National Radio, Croatian Radio, Hungarian Radio, Radio Krakow (Malopolska), Radio Lotte Weimar, Slovak Radio, Radio Cesky Rozhlas.

HRN is initiated by the HERMES-programm to promote Cultural Heritage and New Media as factors of sustainable regional development in the frame of the European Union structural-fund Interreg III b - CADSES.


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